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Adrian Skog Østgård

MSc in Computer Science from University of Tromsø
Co-founder / IT Konsulent / Software Engineer at Oeto
Fullstack Developer


About Me

Hi! My name is Adrian Skog Østgård and I was born in Tromsø in the easter of 1991. In the spring of 2015, I completed my Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Tromsø. Together with one of my friends, Øystein Langseth, I ventured straight from school into the world of entrepreneurship. We spent a couple of years developing our own applications through our company named Oeto.

Through Oeto, we have launched Playcards and Libbo - you can read more about these applications below. We have also done some collaborative projects with local businesses in Tromsø.

In March 2018, I moved to Oslo and joined a brand new initiative at the largest financial services group in Norway, DNB. The program, Architect Greenhouse, combines full time work spanning a broad range of projects and technologies with a heavy educational focus aiming to accelerate IT Architect competence.

I’m thriving when I can combine my deep technological interest with my passion for innovation and product creation! I can’t resist getting involved in most parts of the pipeline - from UI/UX to cloud solution architecture to business related aspects.

Have an awesome day!

Oeto Portfolio

I Have Experience With


Agile Development

UX/UI Design

Product Planning & Specification

Business Administration

Lean Innovation

DevOps & CI/CD

Programming Languages







iOS Development

Android Development


Google Cloud Platform

Amazon Web Services

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